The heart of what we do at The healing Circle Farm is intertwining nature in everything. Meaning, our activities and events are done outdoors on our 8 acres land – adorned by a magical forest!

While being outside reduces transmission, we continue to follow national, provincial, and local guidelines to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. We are committed to following those guidelines closely, and we will update and implement any required changes as needed.

COVID-19 Safety Q&As

Do you have Safety Protocols?

We sure do! Every individual coming on the land will be required to take their temperature at home and submit an online self-screening survey prior to arriving. If the temperature is 38 degrees C or greater, you will be asked to stay home, isolate for 14 days, and highly encouraged to visit your Ontario Health Unit for further guidance.

Will masks be required?

We are following the Ontario bilaw, and this law states that all Adults & children (over the age of 2 years old) must wear a mask when indoors. Therefore, we will ask the same from our guests when entering the barn and accessing the bathroom. Additionally, in the event that maintaining 6’ apart proves to be more challenging, the same will be asked. 

What other safety precaution are you taking?

Activities at the Farm are limited to 15 participants per event in order to easily maintain social distancing. 

We have a large land (8 acres) with plenty of space! When entering the Barn and animal enclosures, a mask must be worn!

Seating around the land will be set as though to encourage physical distancing between everyone, and we ask visitors to respect the layouts and be mindful of everyone’s physical space.

Guests will be frequently reminded to follow proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Visual reminders will be affixed around the property as well as multiple hand sanitizing stations.

The barn, seatings, washroom, door knobs, etc. will be sanitized frequently.

For any other questions, please send us an email at