Nature & Farm  School for Children

"Come play outside with me.

Where the tall grass grows, and the fishes swim,

where there's endless creative possibilities,

Come play outside with me.

Where the seeds sprout, and the buds hibernate,

where endless snow fights await,

Come play outside with me."

- Stef

Winter 2022 Program


Tuesday | Ages 5.5 to 9 year old | 6 classes


February 13 to March 22, 2022 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Maximum of 10 spots available

Price: $215 per child

Location: 6468 County Road 17, in Plantagenet, ON.

What is Nature & Farm School? Read about it here!

Join us!

Please read carefully:

To reserve your child's spot, a $100 non-refundable deposit, per child, is due at time of registration.

You can pay via the PayPal button or by sending an

e-transfer to:

(if sending an e-transfer, ensure to write "F&N School" in the comment box; as well as sending us an email advising us.)

You can also pay in full at time of registration. Should you cancel your registration at anytime, from now until 4 weeks before the program starts (Jan 18, 2022), a $100 will be retained and $115 will be refunded. 

Any cancellation from January 18, 2022 until February 15, 2022 cannot be refunded.

For those who are paying the deposit fee first, the remainder of the money ($115/child) is due by January 7th, 2022

We are excited to be exploring & playing on the grounds of the Algonquin Anishinabeg people, now known as

Mariposa Farm


Mariposa is known for its sustainable agriculture and local food production - all the while doing everything with Nature in mind! There is much pride of ownership in what they do, and how they treat the land and their animals. Mariposa's story began in 1980 and they have 107 acres of different types of land structures, such as wetlands, Forest of old conifers & deciduous trees, beautiful gardens and ponds. They also care for cows, ducks, chickens, geeses & pigs!


What is Nature & Farm School

Nature & Farm School is an all-year around outdoor educational program. Learning happens through the natural sciences of the rhythms of the seasons. It is through observation, active listening, fostering curiosity & child-lead play that learning through these changes will happen in the Nature. Mother Nature is the teacher, and we are her students.


We believe in letting children’s curiosities and interests lead the way.

This is also why school’s attendance is at a low ratio.


Throughout the program, children will be guided through hands-on learning that may also look like:

  • Farm animals caring and the different stages of growth

  • Land & animal tending through the different seasons

  • Coexisting with Wildlife

  • Plant identification, foraging and making natural medicines

  • Animal Tracking

  • Fire building


“Let us go forth with our pupils into the child’s natural laboratory where, together, we may find the birds and insects of the air, the living animals of field and wood, the trees and flowers and shrubs, the water and the earth, the sun and other stars – things which will attract and hold the child’s eye, arouse his wonder, stimulate his inquiries, and give him opportunities for discovery.” – J. A. Patridge (Natural Science Through the Seasons – 1955)


Our school's philosophy is based on much of the same philosophies & benefits outlined in Forest Schools’ programming. 


“There are a few common threads that help define what Forest School is:

  • It takes place entirely outside, all year round, in all weather (except for dangerous weather conditions like extreme temperatures, extreme winds, or thunderstorms)

  • It supports the holistic development and needs of the participants

  • It's learner-led and includes time for free exploration and play 

  • It promotes appropriate levels of risk-taking, like climbing trees, fire lighting, and using tools”

~ (Forest Schooled, 2018)

Why Nature & Forest School?


  • It’s an opportunity for children to build individual resilience, self-confidence & trust within themselves through risky-play in Nature. 2020-2021 has shown us that navigating the unexpected, and building resiliency, is a much needed life skill to have.


  • It’s an opportunity for children to expand individual awareness of environmental impacts, where food comes from, and their connection & appreciation to nature & its living beings. This through their growing understanding & appreciation for the ecosystem, its diversity & trust in the science of Nature’s life-cycles.


  • Ongoing studies have proven the benefits & importance of empowering children through:


  • Child-led learning through free-play & curiosity, without the overinvolvement of adult intervention (Peter Gray, 2013; J. A. Patridge, 1955; Outdoor Play Canada)

  • Time spent outdoors which in turn provides a whole-holistic health (Richard Louv, 2008)

  • Spending time in gardens & with animals - as there is a persuasive amount of evidence of the benefits & therapeutic value of this. (Richard Louv, 2008)


“nature experiences “help children understand the realities of natural systems through primary experience. They demonstrate natural principles such as networks, cycles, and evolutionary processes. They teach that nature is a uniquely regenerative process.” An appreciation of these patterns is essential in fostering creativity, which of course is not the sole domain of the arts, but of science and even politics.” ~ Richard Louv (2008)

Meet your Guides

Hi, I'm Stef!

I am the owner & co-creator at The Healing Circle Farm. I have completed the Nature-Rooted comprehensive program design mentorship through Forest Schooled and I continue to be mentored by Caylin on a regular basis.


I am a mama to humans & animals alike; lover of nature, stillness & slow living.

I am a homeschooler, have operated a home daycare while my kids were younger, and have worked with children in a public school setting in the past.

I am passionate about Wildschooling & Unschooling in a Nature setting. I am certified meditation teacher & soon to be certified Forest Therapy Guide.

Véronique is a bilingual registered early childhood educator (RECE/EPEI) and has over 10 years of work experience with kids aged from 2-12.

She has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Linguistics and she is currently completing her teaching degree at the University of Ottawa.


She enjoys sunsets and sunrises, daily adventures, trips to unknown places and zero waste living. 

Being a scout for so many years, and raised in the country greatly influenced her way of living with others on this planet and she loves to share that with others, especially kids. 

Véronique is driven by the combination of her love and passion for children, her dedication to protecting the planet and her young heart. Being a forest educator is a dream come true for her, aligned with her values and her everyday life, she strongly believes in learning outdoors while creating a bond with nature.

Staff & Volunteer Positions

We are always looking to collaborate with facilitators that are passionate & have a love for nature-rooted schooling & learning approaches! Additionally, if you have training and experience in child-led learning & education; and have a fluid approach to facilitation with children, we would love to hear from you!

We welcome you to send us an email, and let us know how you could get involved!

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