The Hatching Experience

Always wanted to hatch your own chickens?
Can't keep the chickens after?
This is your first hatching experience & you need some hand-holding & a private community to do this with?

You are in the Ottawa & surrounding areas region?
Then this experience is for you!

You have always wanted to hatch little fluff bums but your situation does not allow you to keep chickens? You want the experience without the long-term commitment?

If you are looking to do an in-home experience with your family, this is a great opportunity to learn about chickens from fertilization until hatching and beyond! If you are a homeschooling family, add this experience to your secular curriculum! In addition to the great experience of seeing chickens hatch for yourself, the purpose of this program is to also learn further about backyard farming & farm-to-table.

Join me in learning all about chickens!


We will provide everything you absolutely need + hold your hand through it, step-by-step!

In order to make this experience as personalized as possible, there are only 6 spots available per month!

Here's what is included:

The entire equipment is lent to you

You will receive the incubator, the heating pad, the chick feeders, the chick feed & the 12 fertilized eggs the Friday before the program is scheduled to start.

3 zoom calls

We will meet online for 1-hour chats, at Day 1, Day 10 & Day 17 of the hatching schedule. This will be a time to further learn about fertilization of the egg up until hatching. We will also talk everything chicken: What they need in order to thrive & grow; 

What the difference between a hen & a rooster is; The different types of colored eggs & why; Plus lots more! These are interactive & participation is encouraged!