Bundle up! It's winter time!

The heart of what we do at The Healing Circle Farm and what we stand for, is intertwining nature in everything. Meaning, our activities and events are mainly done outdoors on our 8 acres land – adorned by a magical forest!

Nature is healing; but especially so in the winter. The cold air on your cheeks & in your lungs is a beautiful reminder that you are “here” - that you are alive! 


The cold weather is not always as appealing. We get it! But we promise that the beauty of a fresh snow fall at the Farm is absolutely breathtaking & makes it worth your while. It’s our favourite!


With the proper gear; complete details provided from us; and plenty of warm tools at your disposal while on site; we promise it’ll be well worth it!

We’ve got you!


During the month of winter, we will be alternating between: utilizing the outdoor fire, being in the forest with our proper winter gear & using the barn to warm up. We are currently making cozy & quaint spots in the barn to sit and warm up under the heater - where the animals will be delighted to see you too!


We will have hot water bottles for you to use, plenty of warm blankets, extra sleeping bags, endless tea at your disposal and much more! Movement will be encouraged during all of our retreats; and all attendees will receive an email prior to the event that will include details on how to prepare well for their visit & dress accordingly.



Want a head start?

Here's what our Nature educator partners highly recommend you equip yourself with for sub-zero temperatures:


Long Johns

Fleece Pants

Snow pants

Wool socks

Winter boots



Long john long sleeved shirt

Fleece layer

Winter coat with a down layer and a wind layer. *Bonus if your coat has a hood.

Scarf, neck warmer or buff. It's recommend to bring extras!

Wool Hat


Waterproof/windproof mitts


It's also recommended to bring a sleeping bag and/or blanket.

(we have extras at the Farm for your confort as well)

The better preprared you are the better your experience will be! Don't be shy, make yourself at home & bring everything you can think of for your warmth & comfort.

For any other questions, please send us an email at hello@yourhealingcircle.com