Welcome to the Farm

The Healing Circle Farm is about togetherness within nature.

At the farm there is something for everyone!

We encourage people of all ages to get outdoors and to nurture their relationship with the Land, its history, and all its living things through different learning opportunities.

At the Farm, we invite you to come as you are wholeheartedly, and connect with others, with Land & with all living beings.

Our hope is that you feel completely safe.

We are here to hold space for you in a small & intimate setting.

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About Us

The Healing Circle Farm is located on the traditional unceded territory of the Anishinabeg Algonquin. It is an intimate Outdoor Educational Retreat Space that operates on the notion of:

This land is for all living beings.


We also strongly believe in the collective’s ability to bring change. That, immediate actions in a small-scale setting can make impactful changes on the grander scale. We believe that it starts with you! But to bring about change you must nurture yourself first; and doing so alongside like-minded people is the fuel your body just might need.

We were not meant to go through life alone.

At the Farm, we want all to feel safe, be loved, feel listened to, and have a sense of belonging and respect when setting foot on the land

Welcome friend! Make yourself at home!

Our mission

To provide a small scale, yet impactful, educational experience to the community, on traditional cultural learning opportunities, aimed towards wellbeing in the outdoors.


This currently includes: Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing Therapy), Indigenous environmental learnings & discussions, Afro-Caribbean learning opportunities, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Movement, and more. These, done by people with the knowledge & experience in their fields.


Additionally, we have educational learning opportunities on how to implement environmentally sustainable behaviours daily. Learning opportunities about the environment can include foraging, bushcraft, composting, small & meaningful steps on eliminating single-use plastics, green gardening, caring for smaller livestock, and more.

The Community

"Perfect place to unwind with nature. It is a very welcoming place, tranquil and very friendly. The Nurture in Nature workshop was amazing and would very much recommend this place! They pay attention to all participants, snacks were delicious and so many beautiful little touches to make you feel welcome. I will be back for sure." ~ Sonia

"An amazing space to connect with animals and nature! The owner is such a gem and makes it all so welcoming." ~ Mianda

“I also love the ambiance. You have created a space where we not only feel welcomed, but we feel like it's our own. Sort of like come home, going our own beautiful backyard.” ~ Annik

"I loved the location, being in nature, meeting new people, sharing, meditating and fire."  ~ Anonymous

About me

farm retreat plantagenet.jpg

Welcome Friend! I'm Stef!

Mama to humans & animals alike; energy-shifter; and lover of nature, stillness & slow living.

I am passionate about the power of community, connection, and holding space for every living being; and so I invite you to our sanctuary where we gather in nature, share & learn about its resources together.

I know that there is immense magick in togetherness, and so I welcome you and I hope you make yourself at home here at the farm!

what "healing" means at
The Healing Circle Farm


The Healing Circle Farm

To us, Healing...

means: making the time for you!

That could look like: sitting in stillness & journaling; gardening as a community; learning about herbs whilst sipping on organic teas around the fire; taking a walk in our magical forest whilst baithing in its energy; moving your body through dance & yoga under the stars; gathering with friends and sharing many laughs.

Means: Giving your body the space to indulge in exactly what it needs in the present moment, without judging it.

Means: Intertwining nature & honoring sacred teachings in all that we do.

AND, It Means:

Sitting with a community of like-minded people, gathering in a safe space where sharing happens, and where being loved and accepted is part of the core values

Kids in Vegetable Farm
Something for everyone!

At the Healing Circle Farm there is something for everyone!

For us, Community means 'all'.

This is why we are now offering programs & experiences that suits people of all ages. Whether you love nature, animals, walks in the forest, camp fires, community of like-minded people, etc. we have something for you here!

We equally believe in letting kids explore, try, discover & create; and we firmly believe that learning happens through children's own intuitive rhythms & following their curiosity. 

Weather you speak French or English, our programs are bilingual.

Come join us!

TEL: 613-295-4072
491 Lac George Road
Plantagenet, ON 
K0B 1L0

Thanks! we'll get back to you shortly!